Do you want to be part of something life changing?

Knowing what you know now about google or Apple, what would you have done if someone offered you stock in the company before it went public?

Don’t let a once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by.  Everything this company stands for is REAL.. It’s a place to discover REAL SCIENCE, REAL TECHNOLOGY, REAL RESULTS & REAL PEOPLE.


Are you:

  • looking for a better way of life
  • someone who wants to spend more time with their partners/families
  • someone who wants to travel more but just doesn’t have the funds
  • someone who wants to start living the life they deserve or someone who wants to incorporate a residual income in their already set up business.

If any or maybe all of these relate to you and you’re searching for financial freedom to take control of your life & make your dreams come true, then this might be for you!

I am looking to connect with you.


Who are we?

We are a biotech company with patent & niche luxury products currently breaking records in the finance, wellness & anti-ageing sectors!

We are currently open in the USA, Canada, Columbia, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore & have just opened the floodgates into the European market starting at Germany & Austria, Switzerland.



We market age defying products & innovative skin care & wellness solutions that not only address the signs & symptoms of ageing but reversing them too.

These luxury age-defying products are not only affordable, uncomplicated & convenient to use from any location but they are also multifunctional.

My Team

My team is structured with incredible leadership (myself included) hands on experience from within our industry over many years combined, on the ground level & a team culture that is centered around support, collaboration & integrity.

You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.  You’ll be lovingly adopted as part of our ‘family’ & you will be consistently mentored & supported by leadership & a very driven team as we are all in this together!

With all in house online training, monthly events, success planners & ongoing support provided, there is no doubt we have the best in our industry to ensure you have the most amazing experience with us.

We are positioned at the very top of a new business centre, so your connection with myself, timing & riding this momentum residual income wave is enormous.  For our team, this means huge income opportunity & the ability to leverage into our international markets in the same position is a step away!

Neora has reached unprecedented growth with over 2 billion in sales in just 8 years. Imagine Cash, IPad, Car Audi and All Expenses Paid Trip Bonuses on offer, What is stopping you for living the life you only dream about??

If this sounds like something that could really make a difference in your life, Please request access to our dedicated Global Facebook Group & put in the comments Section Kacee Referred you

Kacee xx